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About Me

Peter G. Bowen is an entrepreneur, counselor, and investor based in New Orleans. His commercial acumen originates from his experience in the hotel, travel, and management industries. Dirks Companies’ Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is presently him. Peter Bowen formerly served as the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the City of New Orleans’ Office of Business & External Services (OBES), where he oversaw the city’s Land Use Departments and Offices of Economic and Workforce Development.

Working Experience Peter Bowen was the Chief Operating Officer at Calvary Sanitizers before joining the City of New Orleans. Prior to that, he worked with J Hospitality & Growth in an organization development and expansion capacity. During his stint with J Hospitality & Development, he was in charge of revamping 18 separate hotels with a total workforce of 1,000 people and a $20 million budget.